Online service for suggesting single word available domain names?

Domain Pigeon is pretty good for showing what domains are available. If you sort by popular ones, you're more likely to find easily pronounced. No guarantees on single-word, since most domains don't hyphenate between them, but you can also set limits on character count. You may also fine Domize...

Jan 18th 2014, 14:40 | 4 answers

What does traction really mean?

It depends on the nature of your business. Generally, it begins with asking yourself 'what is the fundamental assumptions of my business?' If that fundamental assumption is wrong, then, everything else become irrelevant. Example: if your business is an expense-tracking software, then, the...

Nov 21st 2013, 7:50 | 8 answers

What is/was the elevator pitch of Facebook?

A short summary of what they do can be found everywhere written in different words. If you are asking it to benchmark your pitch then most likely this will be a very difficult question to answer. Probably their "pitches" have been changed/adapted many times and often depends on the context...

Jan 5th 2014, 18:02 | 3 answers

Web Based or Desktop application for managing your licenses / serial numbers?

For my prior project I wrote my own serial number generator, database and management tool first as a command line interface, then migrated it to a server with a web front end. Users could request numbers and get the numbers they were issued and I could control/query it all via the web. There...

Feb 15th 2014, 20:43 | 8 answers

Where are C-level titles for marketing and sales?

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) or CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) may be want you are looking for. See Forbes "State of the CxO marketplace".

Sep 27th 2013, 16:02 | 2 answers

Video demo of my software product?

Igorek, You can do the presentation yourself with Camtasia studio, and then hire a narrator with a better voice to record the sound again. You can also find very budget friendly guys on's forum to polish your presentation with a some clean background music (i use,...

Feb 26th 2014, 1:39 | 7 answers

Where do you go for naming resources/ help?

Naming companies is really hard work... I think it's unavoidable to be frustrated with it at times, you just have to keep at it... The Igor naming guide is a classic, IMHO a must-read. I think that compound names which signal what the company does (fx YouTube, LinkedIn) are good, and probably...

Mar 22nd 2014, 11:44 | 2 answers

How can non/coders contribute to a startup?

I'm certain you'll find a ton of valuable advice and anecdotes in this Hacker News post asking the same question: Ask HN: What's a Non-Programmer to do? (134 Points, 78 Comments) Spencer fry wrote an entire blog post elaborating on his comment.

Feb 3rd 2014, 5:43 | 7 answers

Cheap transcription for video blog?

So I've used: TranscriptionStar – iSource solution Inc. 1291 Weber Street| Pomona |CA |91768 Ph: 714-277-3909 before and they transcribed audio files that went with videos for about $1.25/minute (advertised $1.00 but...

Oct 5th 2013, 18:29 | 9 answers

How to use the trademarked term "iPhone" in a Google Ad?

There's a reason why, in fact, it's not wrong for Google: You can use trademarks in your own writing for various things. The liability is on you as to whether it's acceptable in trademark law. Google is in the position of taking your copy and putting on their property, but then they're...

Dec 14th 2013, 19:56 | 4 answers