Sharing Q&As from Rewire London

Sharing Q&As from Rewire London

Alex Barton  Posted by Alex Barton, Feb 28th 2014, 13:20

Having spent a lot of time in London during the last 18 months, it's clear that it's easier to access startup help and support, especially in clusters such as Old Street.

Rather than discuss the merits and flaws of this, I want to share how we are working to level the field a little.

One of our founding principles is to share knowledge evenly across the country and to provide those starting a project/business in remote locations (such as North West Scotland) with the same knowledge and information as someone with a central London postcode.

Thanks to the internet and great sites like this one, a startup outside a metropolis can get a great deal of information.

However, a large part of the startup world consists of events and meetups. For example, Google Campus in London held an incredible 1103 events during 2013. 

For those involved in startups, it's these events and networking that really separate high population densities from elsewhere.

How we can fix this is something we think about a lot.

So on March 7th 2014, we're going to trial our MVP at Rewire London.

The Plan

To record the question and answer sessions and write them up on Starting.


By using basic recording equipment (i.e. phones), paper documentation and writing them up by hand on the 8th and 9th (yes it will suck).


  • How willing people are to share their answers with people outside of the room
  • How much interest there is with those visiting the event
  • How much interest there is with those who couldn't make the event

During evaluation, we'll work out how valuable it was against the time it took to share this as well as looking at speech to text translators to try and speed up the future processes.

If we're happy with a positive evaluation, we will find a way for all startup events to share their Q&As with us and really strengthen discussions around startup topics.

If you fancy coming to see this in action, join us at Rewire London on 7th March.