Social Animal Week 3 (Part 1) - Scheduling + Etiquette

Frances Brown  Posted by Frances Brown, Oct 28th 2013, 12:42

Happy Monday All!

We were going to give you an overview of different social media tools however talented fashion/lifestyle/food blogger and photographer Lucie Kerley kindly answered some of our questions and given us such great info we thought we would publish it in full for you in a special feature and delay our original post until next week.

But before Lucie's blogging special we'll share our top-tips for scheduling and etiquette.

Timing and Schedule

Try to engage with Twitter and Facebook at least daily. Even if you only have a minute it's good to check if there are any tweets or messages to answer. Social media can be of great value when there is a dialogue and nobody wants to wait full days for answers.

Twitter in particular has etiquette ­ don’t over post or timeline hog. By this we mean don’t store up lots of things and fill up your followers timelines with post ­after ­post. This also stands for directing posts at specific members. You want to contact 30 people on twitter? Send direct mail or e­mails don’t ever send tweet after tweet of the same info with different @’s. You may think you are getting info out to individuals but you are actually filling the rest of your audiences timelines up and more than likely boring them with the same message. Of all the issues with twitter this is one that will have people unfollowing.

If you struggle with keeping organised or thinking of what you want to say it might be easier use specific days for predefined themes e.g. for a student support organisation's facebook or twitter:

Monday -­ Events and opportunities that week.
Tuesday ­- Student work promo.
Wednesday ­- Activity or post about what you are up to.
Throwback Thursday -­ link to a post on the main site. 
Follow Friday - organisations that they should look into or follow.

Blogging can be less frequent than other channels, think quality over quantity.  If you are writing for writing's sake your audience will be able to tell.  You may not be your usual passionate, interested or witty self and may do more damage in the long term.  On the other hand if you have lots of things you want to talk about but little time you can write them and set them up to been sent out on specific times or dates.  This is also useful if you have a regular blog but know you won't be able to post it manually - perhaps around particularly busy work times or when your are at trade shows, conference or have lots of meetings.

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General rules for all channels

Try not to purge­ post. Don’t think i’ll post that later, i’ll save that and do it later and then upload five or six in one go. This shows a. that you are only involved with that channel now and again b. lessens the impact of posts. Nothing should be put out on the social media channels unless it is meeting one of your goals (see blog 1 + 2) and as such posts shouldn’t be overshadowed by other posts or lost due to the audience having to get through lots of information all at once.

Tracking is important when starting a new strategy. Keep a simple note of what you are putting out over the first few months, what were your follower numbers at the start and at the end of each fortnight? What types of posts have had the most positive responses?

Now go read our blogging special!

Next week the delayed post on Newsletters, competitions, pinterest etc.

See you then,
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