Top 5 Plays of the Week

Ben Stevenson  Posted by Ben Stevenson, Jul 28th 2013, 13:07

1. 180 Websites in 180 Days Jennifer Dewalt is learning to code by building 180 websites in 180 days, nothing like a public challenge to motivate your learning. 2. Passion Capital's Plain English Term Sheet Not a new doc but re-iterated @gregyounguk this week at the Unconference; Passion Capital's brilliant human readable term sheet. By speaking on a human level it puts you, the entrepreneur, on a level playing field with the investor – it clearly states what mechanics they will include in the investment contact and why. You don't need a lawyer to understand what you're buying into and the agreement reads like a partnership, which it is, not a telling off before you've done anything wrong! Which of course you won't! 3. Google's Chromecast – Stream the Internet to Your TV Google's last attempt at the TV takeover was rather embarrassing, so much so it might have completely passed you by. Since then Google have plowed a huge amount of money via YouTube into opening Space a free studio in LA and now announced the Chromecast, a TV dongle for only $35. A classic Google play by entering a market with a near zero price point – this could be huge. 4. No FAQ, thanks The Govement Digital Service, the team behind the award winning, this week explained they haven't included an FAQ as part of the site claiming that they're good for site owners but bad for readers as they take too much time to read. Instead they use 'frontloading' – where the most important and relevant infomation is put at the front of the copy. This post is most pertinent to use as a core feature of what we do is Q&A, watch this space for our solution to this to come. 5. Practical Typography Whether you are a designer or not, Matthew Butterick's Practical Typography e-book is a great quick-fire resource for digital typesetting – one of, if not the most fundamental principle you should master in having a good designers eye.